Belmullet Video Travel Guides


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1. Belmullet Town

Belmullet Town Image

The town which sits on the edge of the mainland is the gateway to the Mullet Peninsula. The area of natural beauty is in one of the remotest parts of Mayo, though the well developed town could be anywhere in Ireland..

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2. Mullet Penisula (South)

Mullet Penisula (South) Image

The southern end of the Peninsula over looks Blacksod Bay and Achill Island. Interested in walking, sailing or just being in the wide open spaces, then the Mullet with it's amazing views is a great place to be..

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3. Mullet Peninsuala

Mullet Peninsuala Image

The cliffs of the North Peninsula contrast with the beaches to the south. There are a number of well marked looped walks in the area..

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