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Inagh Valley

Driving through the Inagh Valley from Recess, with the Twelve Bens on your left and the Maamturks on your right and Lough Inagh in between can be a memorable experience even in inclement weather..

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Lakes and Mountains

Whether you drive, cycle, walk the mountains, lakes and rivers of Connemara are accessible. The views throughout the region, with it's changeable weather can vary throughout the day..

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Killary Harbour Image

Killary Harbour

Killary Harbour is Ireland's only fjord ( a long narrow inlet, surrounded by high mountains ).
The fjord can be toured by car, cycle, on foot or by cruise boat..

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Kylemore Valley Image

Kylemore Valley

Set among lakes, rivers and mountains - a visit to Kylemore Valley and Abbey is time well spent.

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Towns and Villages Image

Towns and Villages

While Connemara is not densely populated there are a number of villages and the town of Clifden is the area's major centre..

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Loop Drives Image

Loop Drives

The peninsula loop drives are short and can be done in succession, the time taken varies depending on when and how often you stop. The loops are also suitable for cycling and can parts can be walked..

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Maam Cross Image

Maam Cross

When you get to Maam Cross - you can travel the four points of the compass - North, South, East or West.

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Kylemore Abbey Image

Kylemore Abbey

The Abbey and Gardens are open all year to the public. There is a cafe within the grounds..

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Roundstone Loop Image

Roundstone Loop

From Clifden follow the coast road passed the coral beaches to Ballyconneely, then on past Dog Beach to Roundstone and back by the Bog Road..

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Best Places and Things to see in Connemara

Connemara Golf

For the golfer, visit one of the excellent courses such as Connemara Links and Ballynahinch Castle

Connemara Adventure

Looking for adventure, then Connemara is the place to be, whether it's hill walking, scuba diving, kayaking, kite surfing or just having good simple fun. The Connemara Adventure Challenge took place this year on Saturday May 9th. This 32.5km ( cycling, running, kayaking ) adventure race around Killary takes you through some stunning scenery. The Connemara Adventure Challenge takes place this year on Saturday 09 May. This adventure race (cycling, running and kayaking ) over a 32.5km course around Killary.

Connemara Coast

The Connemara coast has a number of distinct regions, in the south there numerous small islands, interconnected by bridges, in the west there are some fine beaches and in the north Killary Harbour, Ireland's only fjord. See More

Connemara Pony

The Connemara pony is a breed of pony which originated in the west of Ireland. The breed makes excellent show ponies. While travelling along the Connemara Loop Drives you are likely to see the ponies in fields or meadows. See More

Connemara Hotels

Looking for a place to stay in Connemara, why not check out our Hotel and Accommodation listings.

Connemara Marathon

The Connemara Marathon took place this year on 12th April. The route takes you through some of the most beautiful scenery in Connemara. See website

Connemara Abbey

One of the finest examples of an Irish abbey, Kylemore Abbey, located in a beautiful but remote valley in Connemara. See More

Connemara Attractions

Looking for things to do ? Places to visit then check out the best places in Connemara below.

Connemara Paul Henry

The beautiful scenery of Connemara was an inspiration to the artist Paul Henry, check out the Moving Postcards and Videos below.

Connemara Marble

The region of Connemara is famous for it's gree marble with amazing light reflecting patterns. There is a marble quarry and gift shop selling marble in the village of Recess. See More


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