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1. Howth Harbour

Howth Harbour Image

Just about 30 minutes by Dart from Dublin city, Howth is both a commercial and leisure harbour popular with visitors..

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2. Fishing in Howth

Fishing in Howth Image

While the larger fishing boats fish the waters of the Irish Sea, the smaller vessels fish just off shore for prawns and lobsters..

3. Sailing

Sailing Image

Howth has a long sailing tradition. The harbour is home to both the Howth Yacht Club (HYC) and the Howth Boat and Sailing Club..

4. Evening

Evening Image

Howth during the summer months can be fairly lively with many visitors arriving by bus or dart to visit the many pubs and restaurants..

5. Howth Head

Howth Head Image

Howth Head lies above the habour and has a variety of walks and tracks suitable for most visitors. The head is easily accessible by car and a car park is located right on the summit. Visitors arriving by train can walk the East Cliff path..

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6. Ireland's Eye

Ireland's Eye Image

Ireland's Eye is a small island just off the fishing village of Howth. While the island is uninhabited it can be accessed by small ferry operating form Howth Harbour. The island is shared by the sea birds and visitors..

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7. Things to do

Things to do Image

Walking, strolling, seal watching, birding, sailing, climbing, water skiing, wining dining - Howth has it all and is just about 30 minutes from Dublin City..


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