Inisbofin Video Travel Guides


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1. Harbour Area

Harbour Area Image

The main population centre is close to the harbour. Ferries from the harbour pier connect the island with the mainland..

Further Reading on Wikipedia : Inishbofin County Galway

2. Westquarter Loop

Westquarter Loop Image

A loop walk heading west, starts near the harbour. The loop walk passes the lake, crosses a bog and swings back around the southern end of the island..

3. South Cliff Walk

South Cliff Walk Image

The walk along by the south cliffs is the continuation of the Westquater Loop. This section has some wonderful views and scenery..

4. Cloonamore Loop

Cloonamore Loop Image

The Clooanmore Loop walk starts in Middlequarter and follows some narrow roads out to the tiny village of Knock and East Beach..


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