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The island of Naxos is the largest of the Cyclades. It is also the most fertile of the islands, growing vegetables, fruit such as lemons and oranges. Apart from the main town or Chora of Naxos, there are a number of villages and beach towns worth visiting.

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Agios Geórgios Image

Agios Geórgios

Agios Geórgios lies south of the town and with a fine west facing beach and plenty of accommodation is popular with visitors..

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Water Front Image

Water Front

The waterfront of Naxos town extends from the harbour right around to the sea cliffs of Grótta..

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Chóra Image


The town of Naxos or Chóra can be divided into a number of distinct areas, the Kastro lies on a hill overlooking the harbour, the Bourg lies below..

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The Beaches

The best beaches on the island lie to the south of the Chóra. The Pláka with it's long white sandy beach is regarded as being the best..

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Inland Image


Vineyards, olive groves, orchards and white villages greet the visitor on a drive through the island..

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General Geo Co-Ordinates

Latitude :37.050928 Longitude :25.497500
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