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1. Skellig Michael

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Lying off the Co. Kerry coast, the Skeligs are one of the most notable attractions in the area. The isles are of historic significance and is the site of an early Christian monastic settlement. Skellig Michael is a UNESCO world heritage site. The site is managed by the OPW the office for Public Works..

2. Skellig Island Birds

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The islands are a breeding site for many sea birds, the most amusing to watch are the colourful puffins. During the summer months, guides live on the island, though not in the monks beehive huts. The guides are friendly and delighted to answer any questions and chat. Wouldn't you be fond of a chat if you were stuck out there for several days during Atlantic storms..

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3. Little Skelligs

Little Skelligs Image

The Little Skelligs is home to over 30,000 Gannets and is a breeding ground of major significance.
Usually the boat returning from Skellig Michael will stop and circle the Little Skellig to give you one more long lasting memory. Clever timing on the part of the local business community, has the boat return you to port at around 2:30, in time for lunch..

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