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1. Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour Image

In 1788 the first European settlement was established in the area of the Rocks overlooking the magnificent harbour. The harbour has played a monumental role in the lives of the people of Sydney since the earliest times..

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2. Harbour Bridge

Harbour Bridge Image

The world famous Harbour Bridge claims the title of not only the world's longest steel arch bridge, but the largest. It's an instantly recognisable sight for anyone travelling to Sydney and provides amazing vistas of the Harbour, north to Mosman Bay and Cremorne Point and South to Woolloomooloo Bay and the Opera House..

3. Opera House

Opera House Image

For most the Opera House signifies Sydney, it's the image we associate strongly with the city, while the Opera House is the iconic city building, the combination of the Opera House and Bridge in close proximity overlooking one of the world's best harbours, helps to make Sydney a must place to visit..

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4. The Quays

The Quays Image

After the Opera House and Bridge, the next most famous landmarks are the Quays. While there are numerous quays along the length of the harbour, the two which immediately come to mind are Circular Quay and Darling Harbour..

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5. Sydney Harbour Islands

Sydney Harbour Islands Image

Many of the islands in the harbour can be visited on tour or day trips..

6. Harbour Beaches

Harbour Beaches Image

Not alone does Sydney have some of the best coastal beaches, even within the harbour, with its much calmer waters it has a wide selection of sandy beaches to suit all tastes..

7. Manly

Manly Image

Manly is to the North of Circular Quay, from which you can catch a Green/Yellow ferry ( about 40 minutes ) or a high speed Catamaran. There are also buses that cross the Harbour Bridge on way to Manly..

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8. Eastern Beaches

Eastern  Beaches Image

Just a short 30/40 minutes bus ride from the city or a train ride from central with a change to bus at Bondi Junction and you are in the Mecca of NSW surfing and boarding beaches. Probably the most well know beach is Bondi, though the beaches at Tamarama, Bronte and Coogee are worth visiting..

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9. Southern Beaches

Southern Beaches Image

South of the city, though easily accessible by train is Cronulla with its range of sandy beaches..

10. The Rocks

The Rocks Image

The Rocks is the site where European's first settled in Sydney. While it has changed over the 200 year period, there are still reminders of the origins of the city. The area is just beside the west promenade of Circular Quay behind the Museum of Contemporary Art and bounded by the raised road/train way heading to the Harbour Bridge..

11. Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour Image

West of Circular Quay lies Darling Harbour. This is a focal point for evening meals by the waterfront and fireworks every weekend. Darling Harbour is one of the premium entertainment areas of the city. It hosts an Aquarium, Maritime Museum and much more. For a fun time day or night pay Darling Harbour a visit..

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12. A touch of China

A touch of China Image

Until the early years of the 20th century, the Chinese played a significant part in the development of the city. Today the Garden of Friendship and China Town represent a small part of this contribution.

13. Prymont

Prymont Image

Prymont Peninsula lies to the west of Darling Harbour. It is home to The Star Casino, residential and office units..

14. The Parks

The Parks Image

The city has a number of parks and gardens such as Hyde Park and the Botanic Gardens south of the harbour which are close to the CBD and Opera House. The three main parks Botanic, Domain and Hyde Park are interconnected, so it's easy to stroll through Hyde Park and continue on to the Domain and Botanic Gardens..

15. Things to do.

Things to do. Image

Looking for something apart from surfing, ferry hopping, bridge climbing, park strolling then consider a trip to the zoo or join a whale watching tour..

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16. The Suburbs

The Suburbs Image

Looking to mix with more locals, find a non tourist restaurant or bar then check out the nearby suburbs..

17. Lachlan Macquarie

Lachlan Macquarie Image

Lachlan Macquarie the colonial administrator of Sydney from 1810 to 1821 played a major part in the social, cultural and architectural aspects of the city.Many of the buildings throughout Sydney are named after him..

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18. Sydney Barracks

Sydney Barracks Image

The Barracks Museum on Macquarie Street, was the former holding place for convicts on their arrival in the New World..

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