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Thailand, a land of exotic beaches, islands and temples. Visit Ko Phi Phi - where the film the Beach was made, the karst area of Krabi (film " Hang Over II "), James Bond Island - film Octopussy, the Andaman Sea, the holiday island of Phuket, the Royal City of Hua Hin, a floating market or the capital Bangkok.

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Thailand Vacation

Planning a vacation or holiday in Thailand ? Then consider some of the Andaman Islands such as Phuket and Ko Phi Phi Island. See the Phi Phi Moving Postcards. See More

Thailand Traveling

Travelling through Thailand ? Looking for beaches, islands, exotic locations, see the Moving Postcards of the best destinations below.

Thai Air

Travelling through Thailand, looking for some interesting locations, such as Thong Marine National Park with its emerald green lake or Ayutthaya, the historical former capital of Thailand or some place to unwind and relax, then check the Moving Postcards. See More

Ang Thong Marine National Park Image

Ang Thong Marine National Park

The Ang Thong Marine National Park covers an area of about 100 sq km and includes over 40 islands mostly uninhabited. The spectacular crater lake Thale Nat lies within the park. The park is easily accessible from Ko Samui..

Ayutthaya Image


The Historical Park at Ayutthaya close to Bangkok was the capital city from its founding in 1350 until it was destroyed in 1767 by the Burmese army. The city was restored during the 1970s and declared a UNESCO Heritage site in 1981..

Bangkok Image


Bangkok is Thailand's largest city with a population of over 8 million. It lies on the Chao Phraya River and it's delta. The city as it grew rapidly, spread out in all directions creating an major urban sprawl with limited public transport. The city centre area is chaotic with traffic and tuk tuks biut definitely worth the experience..

Floating Market Image

Floating Market

The floating market at Damneon Saduak while outside the city is accessible by bus, tour or private car. While the market is well worth a visit, it is best to go at the times when it is less crowded by visitors..

Hua Hin Image

Hua Hin

Hua Hin though about 200km south of Bangkok on the Malay peninsula, Hua Hin is easily accessible from the capital by bus or train. The seaside town has a tradition of catering for royalty as the royal family spent many hot seasons in the vicinity away from the hot and humid capital. Hua Hin has become a centre for Kite Surfing and attracts many enthusiasts..

Ko Phi Phi Image

Ko Phi Phi

The Phi Phi islands a group of small islands, lie about halfway between Krabi on the mainland and Phuket Island. The Phi Phi islands are easily accessible from both sides by ferry. The largest of the islands is Ko Phi Phi Don, though Ko Phi Phi Leah maybe more known as it played a central role inthe film the Beach..

Koh Samui Image

Koh Samui

With it's white sandy beaches, coral reefs and coconut and palm tress, sunny skies (in season), Koh Samui is a popular location for visitors and not just the thousands that head to neighbouring Koh Phanangan for the Full Moon Parties..

Krabi Image


Explore Krabi and the Ao Nang area in Thailand. Start your Thailand holiday by flying into Krabi. Visit Ao Nang Beach and the exotic resort of Railay. Visit some of the off shore islands such as Poda or Chicken Island or take a ferry to Ko Phi Phi island..

Pattaya Image


Pattaya a beach resort along the gulf and about 100km south east of Bangkok attracts many tourists. The city is quite sprawling, with a long sea front along the gulf. Offshore there are a number of islands which are easily accessible..

Phang Nga Bay Image

Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay is area of conservation - most of which is incorporated into the Phang Nga National Park. The area is particularly scenic with many limestone cliffs, sea stacks, caves and arches, which makes a visit worthwhile. The iconic James Bond Island is regularly visited by tour boats..

Phuket Image


Phuket is Thailand's largest island. It's about the size of Singapore. Today the island, with it's fine sandy beaches, sheltered coves and proximity to beautiful tropical islands has a tourism based economy..

Best Places and Things to see in

Phuket or Puket

Phuket (spelt with a h ) is Thailand's largest island. It has a booming tourist economy due to it's beaches and location close to some of the major attractions in Thailand. See Phuket Moving Postcards See website

Thailand Student Travel

Since the 1980s Thailand has been a popular destination for students due to it's low cost and ease of internal travel, coupled with easy long haul access. Today it is still a student mecca as budget accommodation is readily available.

Asia Travel

Travelling through Asia, then check the best holiday locations across Asia in our Moving Postcards Travel Guides. See More

Thailand Phi Phi

Ko Phi Phi Island has been a long time favourite since the 1996 novel "The Beach " by Alex Garland and the subsequent movie in 2000, which was shot on the smaller of the Phi Phi islands in 2000. See More

Thailand Travel Guide

This video travel guide for Thailand covers all the best and favourite exotic locations in Thailand, whether you are interested in white sandy beaches, jungle trekking, diving snorkelling or visiting some amazing temples then have a look at the Moving Postcards below.

Thailand Travel Plan

Planning a trip to Thailand or Asia ? Why not view our Moving Postcards of some of the most amazing and gorgeous locations in South East Asia.


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