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On the doorstep of Dublin, Co. Wicklow has so much to offer, from walking, hiking and biking in the hills to sailing along the coast and on the bigger lakes.

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Best Places and Things to see and Facts about Wicklow

Wicklow Mountains National Park

The Wicklow Mountains National Park, only an hour or so from Dublin was established in 1991. The park covers an area of 37km. See the Moving Postcards of the beautiful park scenery or visit the parks website. See website http://www.wicklowmountainsnationalpark.ie/

Wicklow Walks

Wicklow has a variety of walking routes for the novice and experienced walker. See some of the beautiful walking countryside on our Moving Postcards. Walk Details can be found on : See website http://www.wicklowwalks.com/

Dublin Wicklow Mountains

The Dublin Wicklow Mountains are on the doorstep of Dublin City. You can walk some or all of the Wicklow Way, starting in Marley Park Dublin and pass though the best Mountain scenery in Dublin and Wicklow. For easier access you can take a bus to Glendalough and be in the heart of the mountains, lakes and hills.
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Valleys and Glens

The beauty of the Wicklow countryside, valleys and glens can be inspiring to both young and old. So don't be surprised to see young families picnicking or walking in Glendalough or Glendasan and older walkers hiking through the upper Dargle Valley or at the base of Glenmacnas Waterfall..

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Wicklow has many accessible and beautiful lakes, such as the small corrie lakes nestled under towering cliffs to the large man made reservoirs at Roundwood and Blessington. While other lakes can be enjoyed from a distance such as the private heart shaped Lough Tay..

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Mountains and Hills

Walking through the mountains and hills of Wicklow is one of the major tourist attractions of the area. While the mountains are generally safe, the walker still needs to be prepared, equipped and mindful of changing weather. There are various routes depending on ability. The Sugar Loaf always looks attractive and is easily accessed. While Tonelege bordering the Sally Gap can be more challenging..

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Villages and towns

Wicklow's towns and villages have vaious characteristics, from the hillside villages of Enniskerry and Roundstone to the seaside towns of Bray and Greystones. The towns and villages are readily accessible if driving from Dublin..

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Powerscourt Estate

The Powerscourt Estate is nestled in the Wicklow Mountains below the Sugar Loaf. The views from the house which overlook an ornamental walled garden are stunning, while the waterfall has one of the highest drops in Ireland..

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Glendalough , the valley of the two lakes is not only one of the most scenic areas in Wicklow but has a long historical past dating back to monastic times..

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Spinc Walk

The Spinc walk starts/ends at the tourist information cottage close to the upper lake. The route is circular so its easy to walk either direction..

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Best Places and Things to see in Wicklow

Hill Walking

Being so close to Dublin City, Wicklow with its wild and scenic mountains hills and lakes ( See Moving Postcards ) is a popular hill walking area. The Wicklow way passes through some of the most scenic areas.


Ireland is a great destination for a walking holiday. The mountains and hills while not so high can rise steeply and provide a chance to even the experienced walker. Many of the best routes are circular though there are many long distance walks along the west coast. Wicklow is the best hill walking area on the east coast.

Powers Court

Powers Court House and Gardens in the heart of Wicklow are part of the privately owned Powers Court Estate. Visitors can enjoy lunch or coffee from the restaurant with its panoramic views of the mountains or buy tickets to wander about the garden or waterfall. You can see Moving Postcards of the spectacular waterfall. See More

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  • Greystones Bray Cliff Path ---Greystones

    On the Greystones side the path has been re routed though a wheat field to take it away from crumbling cliffs. This new section is a gentle climb on a straight gravel path. The views arent so great.

    Wicklow101 from United Kingdom

  • Cliff Walk ---Greystones

    The cliff walk between Bray and Greystones takes about 90 minutes. After the walk you can take a dart back to the starting point or walk back. The walk starting in from Bray is more scenic.

    Greystones walk from Europe


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